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What Is the Meaning of the Word, “Optimal”?


What is the meaning of “optimal” to our customers?
KARINO constantly strives in pursuit of answers to this question.

  • #01What Is the Meaning of the Word, “Optimal”?
  • #02Preparing a Variety of Choices
  • #03Realizing the Ability to Take on All Challenges
What Is the Meaning of the Word, “Optimal”?

Preparing a Variety of Choices


We continue expanding our range of choices
to provide optimal solutions to customers.

We strive to offer more choices in cost and quality through cooperation with STLE, an affiliated company with plant equipment, and partnerships with overseas plants.

Realizing the Ability to Take on All Challenges


An ability to take on all challenges using extensive
technologies in welding to thermal spraying.

The creativity to offer optimal proposals.
The manufacturing industry is fueled by creativity.

We carry out designing and development through the selection and combining of optimal products (cast iron and steel materials, superhard materials, ceramics, abrasion resistant rubber, thermal spray materials, coatings, etc.) with outstanding abrasion resistance, heat resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., in accordance with the various conditions or purposes of use at different plants. Then, only materials and parts with excellent durability are turned into products after trial use and evaluation.